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What Are Stair Risers?

Stair risers are the vertical sections of a stair that are positioned between each step, forming the height of each step. They are typically made from a range of materials such as timber, steel, hardwood, metal, glass, aluminium, wrought iron, and more.

Stair risers are crucial components of a staircase as they determine the height of each step and contribute to the overall stability and safety of the staircase. In addition, stair risers can be customized to match the overall design and aesthetic of a staircase, making them an important aspect of architectural design for both residential and commercial properties.

Stair risers are an essential component of any staircase, playing a crucial role in determining the overall stability and safety of the structure. Our experienced team of staircase manufacturers in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast offers a wide range of risers made from various materials, including hardwood, timber, metal, stainless steel, wrought iron and glass, to suit the specific needs and aesthetic preferences of our clients.

Whether you are looking for contemporary, modern or traditional stair designs, we guarantee to provide you with the highest quality stair risers that are made to order, fabricated with precision and installed to meet the strict standards set by Standards Australia.

What Are Stair Stringers?

Stair stringers are structural components that support the treads and risers of a staircase. They are a crucial part of the staircase and must be strong and sturdy enough to bear the weight of the users and any other loads that may be placed on the staircase.

The stringers can be made of a variety of materials such as Steel, Aluminium, Wrought Iron, Timber, and Stainless Steel and are available in different shapes and sizes to suit various staircase designs, including hampton style, curved, winder, winding, and straight staircases.

In Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, our family-operated and owned business offers a wide range of stringers made to order and manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality and safety set by Standards Australia.

What Are Staircase Kits?

Staircase kits are pre-made packages designed for both internal and external projects that include all the necessary components for installing a staircase. These kits typically include stair stringers, risers, treads, and sometimes even handrails, balustrading, and other accessories.

Staircase kits are available in a variety of materials such as aluminium, glass, hardwood, metal, stainless steel, steel, timber, wire, and wrought iron to suit different aesthetic and performance requirements. The kits are made to order and can be customised to fit specific design needs, whether it be contemporary or traditional, curved or straight, and can be manufactured in different finishes such as powder coated, polished, or stained to match the surrounding environment.

Staircase kits offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for installations in residential, commercial and commercial development units, attics, lofts, verandahs, decks, townhouses, and terrace homes in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Staircase Kits are essential in creating a beautiful, functional, and safe set of stairs in any home or commercial development. They can come in a variety of materials, including aluminium, glass, hardwood, metal, stainless steel, steel, timber, and wrought iron, and are fabricated to meet the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring that the final product is both strong and visually appealing.

Our family-owned and operated business offer a wide range of staircase kits, made to order and customized to meet the specific needs of our clients, with installations available throughout Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Whether you are looking for contemporary, curved, modern, or traditional stairs, our team of licensed, insured, and registered experts can provide you with guaranteed, high-quality results, along with free quotes and mobile services for your convenience.

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