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Ever wondered about the impact of a beautifully crafted staircase on a home or business? It can totally change the vibe and appearance.

Located in Cotton Tree, QLD 4558, Craftsman Stairs is the go-to staircase company on the Sunshine Coast. We create custom timber staircases that meet our clients’ unique style and needs.

We are dedicated to quality in all we do. This means we offer a wide range of stair services. Whether it’s a grand staircase inside or a sturdy one outside, we use the best materials and designs. Partner with Custom Staircases Queensland for top craftsmanship and service.

Our Expertise in Custom Staircases

At Craftsman Stairs, we create tailor-made staircases that fit your space perfectly. With a reputation as Timber Staircase Builders, we ensure quality and long-lasting strength. We put our passion into every project, aiming to meet your needs perfectly.

Why Choose Craftsman Stairs

Choosing Craftsman Stairs means you get top-tier craftsmanship and friendly service. Our Stair Installation Professionals know that each project is special. They focus on every detail, making sure your stairs are beautiful and safe.

Services We Offer

We offer custom design, make, and fitting of staircases. Our role as Staircase Design Specialists means we use the best materials and designs. We make stairs that stand out in your home or office, showcasing our leadership in Custom Staircases Queensland.

Comprehensive Stair Renovation Services

At Craftsman Stairs, we know how important a good-looking and lasting staircase is. Our stair renovation services aim to revive your stairway. They ensure it not only matches your home’s style but also boosts its look.

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We have stair renovation specialists who turn old or tired staircases into modern ones. We use top-quality materials and new methods. We make sure every part, like the stair timber balustrades, is perfectly made to fit your needs.

Transform Your Space

A makeover by Craftsman Stairs can dramatically change your space. Our talented team works hard to refresh your staircase. They make it look new and in line with the latest designs. Whether it’s a small change or a big redo, we aim to deliver a standout result.

All-In-One Solution

We’ve got everything you need for stair renovation, from the first meet-up to putting the last piece in place. Our services cover making and fitting the staircase, offering a smooth experience without bothering your routine. Trust us to make your home more beautiful and functional with our expert skills and close attention to detail.


Q: What services do you offer in Cotton Tree, QLD 4558?

A: Craftsman Stairs, located in Cotton Tree, QLD 4558, specialises in designing, making, and fitting bespoke timber staircases. We make unique indoor and outdoor staircases with the best materials and new design methods.

Q: Why should we choose your staircase company on the Sunshine Coast?

A: Our team, based on the Sunshine Coast, is committed to building custom staircases that match your style and home decor. We focus on quality, durability, and great craftsmanship to give you the best.

Q: How do you approach custom staircase projects in Queensland?

A: We start each project by understanding your needs for both looks and function. Our skilled team works with you from design to installation. This ensures your staircase suits your home perfectly.

Q: What makes your timber staircases stand out?

A: We use the finest materials and latest designs to make staircases that are both useful and beautiful. Our team takes pride in offering outstanding quality and design in every staircase.

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Q: What can we expect from your stair renovation services?

A: Our stair renovation service turns old or damaged staircases into modern beauties. We handle everything from timber balustrades to the structure, focusing on top-notch workmanship and materials.

Q: Do you provide all-in-one staircase solutions?

A: Yes, we offer a full package for your staircase needs. We handle design, custom making, fitting, and maintenance. With us, you get a complete staircase service.

Q: How do you ensure the quality and durability of your staircases?

A: We use the best materials and skilled workers, who follow strict quality standards. Our dedication to detail and quality means your staircase will last.

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