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Ever wondered how a staircase can change a house into a home? Craftsman Stairs in Currimundi, 4551, merges functionality with amazing design. We focus on internal and external timber staircases. Our custom staircases are made to match the unique style of Sunshine Coast homes.

Our staircases aren’t just for moving between floors. They’re a sign of top quality craftsmanship. Each design shows our deep attention to detail. This comes from years of experience in making custom staircases.

Whether you want a traditional wooden stairway or something modern, our team at Craftsman Stairs will bring your idea to life.

Expert Staircase Design and Construction in Currimundi

At Craftsman Stairs, our goal is to craft staircases that merge beauty with function. Our services include designing, building, and installing staircases in Currimundi. We make sure each project fits the unique style and needs of homes on the Sunshine Coast.

The Role of Customisation in Our Staircases

We believe customisation is key to creating staircases that reflect your style and meet your needs. Our team in Currimundi is skilled at designing both modern and traditional staircases. This means we can offer you a staircase that truly stands out in your home.

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Stairs

Choosing the right materials is essential for your staircase’s durability and look. At Craftsman Stairs, we help you pick from top-quality timber to modern composites. We make sure your choice fits your decor and lasts long, thanks to our experience in Currimundi.

Our Design Process: From Concept to Installation

Working with us on your staircase project is a detailed journey. It starts with understanding your vision and needs. Then, our designers plan carefully, turning your idea into a plan.

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The building phase is done with precision, leading to professional installation in Currimundi. Throughout, we focus on adding beauty and value to your home.

Services Offered by Craftsman Stairs

At Craftsman Stairs, we offer a wide range of services. We aim to fulfill all your staircase needs with precision. From the start to the end of your project, we handle everything with great care.

Staircase Installation and Fabrication

Our staircase installation and staircase fabrication services stand out. We use the latest techniques and top-notch materials. Our goal is to craft staircases that not only are strong but also look elegant. As a committed staircase manufacturer, we make sure each staircase meets your needs.

Timber Stairs and Woodturning Services

We specialize in unique timber stairs. Our team is skilled at crafting staircases that become your home’s highlight. Our stair woodturning services bring out the beauty in each design. We tailor them to match your personal style perfectly.

Balustrades, Handrails, Stringers, and Risers

We’re not just about staircases. We also offer balustrades, handrails, stringers, and risers. Every component is made with care for safety and durability. We can create modern or classic styles to match your home beautifully.

Our approach to staircase installation and crafting ensures outstanding results. Choosing Craftsman Stairs means choosing top-quality craftsmanship. Make your staircase a standout feature of your home with our help.

Why Choose Our Stair Builders in Sunshine Coast?

At Craftsman Stairs, we’re known as the top stair builders on the Sunshine Coast. Our team focuses on making stairs that are not just useful, but also stunning. They are made to last and look great.

By picking Craftsman Stairs, you get to work with experts who know stairs inside out. We make sure every staircase is perfect, fitting your home’s style. Our stairs are not just stairs; they are works of art made just for you.

People trust us for our quality and knowledge. We use the best materials and the latest methods. This means your stairs will be strong and eye-catching. With us, you’re getting stairs made to the highest standards.

We stand by our promise to deliver the best. Our team takes pride in every staircase we build. Choosing Crafts Marketing means picking quality and dedication. Experience our top-notch service and see why we’re first choice in Sunshine Coast.

Staircase Company Currimundi, 4551 – Contact Us

Live in Currimundi, 4551, or around the Sunshine Coast and thinking about stairs? Craftsman Stairs is a great place to start. Whether you need help with designing your stairs or want to talk things through, our team is ready. Our experts are on hand to assist you.

We aim to provide homeowners with high-quality, stylish, and functional staircases. Reach out to us at 0439 730 583 or through We offer custom staircase consultations to meet your specific needs. Our team will guide you from the first idea to the final installation.

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Our personalized service makes every project special. With Craftsman Stairs, you’re choosing more than just a staircase. You’re choosing a piece of art made with precision and care. Don’t wait to get expert advice on staircases and enhance your home’s elegance.


Q: What areas do you service?

A: We mainly work in Currimundi, 4551, and around the Sunshine Coast. We offer tailored solutions for both town and countryside homes there.

Q: Do you offer custom staircase designs?

A: Yes, custom staircases are our forte. We collaborate with you to craft a design that matches your style and needs. This ensures your staircase is one-of-a-kind and a perfect fit for your house.

Q: What types of materials do you use for staircase construction?

A: The materials we use vary with the design and your tastes. Although timber is a favourite for its strength and look, we use various quality materials. This is to make sure your project is just right.

Q: How long does the staircase installation process take?

A: The time it takes to install varies with the project’s complexity and materials. Generally, installation spans a few days to a couple of weeks. This includes everything from design to the final setup.

Q: Can I get a detailed consultation before starting the project?

A: Definitely. We begin with a detailed chat to grasp your needs and likes. It lets us craft detailed designs and give accurate time and cost estimates for your project.

Q: Do you offer timber staircases in Currimundi?

A: Yes, crafting timber staircases is a speciality of ours. We make indoor and outdoor timber stairs. They blend function and beauty to match your home’s design and architectural feel.

Q: What makes Craftsman Stairs different from other stair builders in Sunshine Coast?

A: Our focus on quality and pleasing our customers makes us stand out. With years of experience, our team ensures your staircase is well-crafted and long-lasting. It will boost both your home’s look and value.

Q: Can you provide accessories like balustrades and handrails?

A: Yes, we offer a full range of options, including balustrades, handrails, stringers, and risers. They are designed to enhance your staircase and ensure it is safe and durable.

Q: How can I contact you for expert staircase advice or consultation in Currimundi?

A: Contact us by phone at 0439 730 583 or via email at Our team is keen to offer expert advice and discuss your staircase project.

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