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Imagine boosting your home’s value just by updating your stairs. Craftsman Stairs knows a well-made stair balustrade turns simple steps into a stunning focal point. We’re in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, creating custom internal timber stairs to beautify homes.

We use top-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship to match your home’s style perfectly. Plus, we stick to the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) standards. This means our work is insured and guaranteed. Find out how a custom stair balustrade can change your staircase in Brisbane & Sunshine Coast, making your home even more charming.

Why Choose Craftsman Stairs for Your Balustrade Needs

At Craftsman Stairs, we are proud to offer top-quality custom balustrades in Brisbane & Sunshine Coast. We stand out as the leading choice for residential and commercial projects. Our team includes skilled artisans and balustrade experts dedicated to creating beautiful, strong, and unique designs.

Custom Design and Fabrication

We create each balustrade to meet your needs and tastes. You can choose from materials like aluminium, glass, hardwood, or wrought iron. We make sure our stair railing designs for the Sunshine Coast fit perfectly with your property’s style. You get personalised service that ensures a balustrade that’s just right for your space.

Expert Installation Services

Installing your balustrade correctly is essential for its safety and look. At Craftsman Stairs, our expert team installs each part with care. Recognised as leading balustrade contractors in Brisbane, we tackle all sorts of projects. From new installs to updates of old ones, we ensure your staircase is both beautiful and functional.

Durable Materials and Craftsmanship

We use only the best materials for our balustrades, making them both eye-catching and long-lasting. Our choices, like hardwood and wrought iron, are made for their strength and beauty. Our commitment to top-notch craftsmanship and design in the Sunshine Coast means you get an outstanding product. It will boost your property’s value and look for years to come.

Popular Balustrade Materials for Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Choosing the right material for your balustrade makes a big difference. At Craftsman Stairs, we have a variety of materials to fit different styles and needs. This means you can find the perfect one for your space.

Timber Balustrades

Timber balustrades bring natural beauty and strength. They bring warmth and classic charm to any space. Timber is also long-lasting, ensuring your balustrade stays beautiful for years.

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Aluminium Balustrades

Aluminium balustrades Sunshine Coast properties love are great for easy care. They’re designed to resist corrosion, which is perfect near the sea. Plus, they have a modern look to match current design trends.

Glass Balustrade Systems

Glass balustrade systems Brisbane owners choose help make a space feel open and light. They let in lots of natural light and provide clear views. Glass is ideal for modern homes, adding a sleek touch.

Wrought Iron Balustrades

The beauty of wrought iron balustrades Brisbane is in their detail. Wrought iron is strong and can be shaped into many patterns. These balustrades are both stylish and sturdy.

Craftsman Stairs makes sure every balustrade balances beauty with safety. We pick materials that look good and meet high safety standards. This way, you get the best of both worlds in your installation.

stair balustrade Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

In Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Craftsman Stairs is known for top-notch balustrade installation. They offer many designs to fit different buildings. Whether it’s for a house or apartment, their work adds both function and beauty to your place.

They make stair balustrades with great care, meeting both looks and practical needs. Their work follows Standards Australia and QBCC rules, ensuring quality and safety.

Whether you want a modern look or something more classic, their team delivers excellent balustrade installation Brisbane services. They ensure every project is safe and looks great, working closely with their clients.

Residential and Commercial Balustrade Solutions

At Craftsman Stairs, we offer balustrade solutions for many types of properties. This includes high-rise apartments, eco-friendly homes, and schools. Our team focuses on every detail, ensuring each project is both beautiful and functional.

Interior Stair Balustrades

Our interior stair balustrades mix artistry with engineering. They suit elegant, modern urban homes or classic designs for traditional homes. We offer specialized services in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, enhancing interior spaces with custom residential balustrades.

Exterior Stair Balustrades

We design exterior balustrades to withstand Australia’s tough climate and add beauty and safety. Our projects range from commercial in Brisbane to residential on the Sunshine Coast. We create durable, attractive exterior stair balustrades that improve your property’s look.

Compliance with Building Codes

Following building codes is crucial to us. We ensure our balustrade installations in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast are safe and look great. Our commitment to compliance means you can trust our residential and commercial balustrades to be both durable and safe.

Whether you need residential balustrades on the Sunshine Coast or commercial ones in Brisbane, Craftsman Stairs promises professional and reliable service. We’re here to help every step of the way.

Getting Started with Your Balustrade Project

Starting a balustrade project with Craftsman Stairs in either the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane is all about teamwork. We make sure your dream turns into a reality right from the first meeting. Our team works smoothly to support your balustrade or staircase project.

Our journey begins when you get a detailed quote from our skilled team. We focus on your needs and wishes with a customer-centric approach. We give advice on design, safety, and materials to make sure your custom staircase exceeds your expectations and looks perfect.

We know each project is special, so we customize our advice to fit your style and needs. This could mean suggesting extra features or specific materials that match your vision. We aim to improve your property’s look and value with careful planning and work.

If you’re thinking about a balustrade project in the Sunshine Coast or need tips on staircase planning in Brisbane, Craftsman Stairs is here to help. We ensure your custom staircase in Brisbane perfectly combines style, function, and safety, made just for you.

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Contact Craftsman Stairs Today

We’re a family business at Craftsman Stairs, focused on making your place look great with beautifully made balustrades. If you’re around Brisbane & Sunshine Coast and have questions about stair balustrades, our team is here to help. Planning a new staircase or updating an old one? We’ve got the advice and solutions for you.

Want to talk to us? Just ring at 0439 730 583 or shoot an email to When you reach out, you’ll chat with experts ready to make your project come alive. We’re all about creating balustrades that are not only stylish but also tailor-made for you, ensuring top-notch quality every step of the way.

Need a quote? It’s free! And don’t worry, we’re fully insured and registered, putting your mind at ease. If it’s time for your next staircase project, get in touch. Our specialists are standing by, ready to deliver the excellence and support you require for stair balustrade needs in Brisbane & Sunshine Coast.


Q: What types of balustrades do you offer in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast?

A: At Craftsman Stairs, we offer timber, aluminium, glass, and wrought iron balustrades. Each type has its own benefits. They are chosen based on your design needs and requirements.

Q: How does the custom design process work for stair balustrades?

A: First, we have a chat to understand your vision and needs. Next, we recommend designs, give safety tips, and discuss materials. After you approve the design, our skilled workers make the balustrade to match your specs.

Q: Are your balustrade installations compliant with Queensland building codes?

A: Yes, our installations meet both Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) and Standards Australia rules. They are safe and strong for both homes and business places.

Q: What are the benefits of choosing aluminium balustrades?

A: Aluminium balustrades are loved for their flexibility in design, low upkeep, and lasting nature. They work well for any property and add a modern touch.

Q: Can you install glass balustrades in Brisbane?

A: Yes, we install glass balustrades in Brisbane. They let in lots of light and give a modern, sleek look while being safe.

Q: What kind of maintenance is required for timber balustrades?

A: Timber balustrades need regular care to keep them looking good and strong. You’ll need to clean, seal, and sometimes reseal or refinish them, especially after being exposed to weather.

Q: Do you provide balustrade solutions for commercial properties?

A: Yes, we’ve got balustrade solutions for business spaces. We help with design, picking materials, and professional installation to make commercial areas look and function better.

Q: How can I get started with a balustrade project with Craftsman Stairs?

A: For a balustrade project, get in touch for a free quote. We’ll help you choose designs and materials and make sure your project meets your goals. Call us at 0439 730 583 or email

Q: Do you offer interior and exterior stair balustrade solutions?

A: Yes, we have balustrade solutions for both inside and outside. They’re perfect for any building, last long, look great, and meet all building code needs.

Q: What makes Craftsman Stairs unique in the balustrade industry?

A: Craftsman Stairs is known for top-notch work, custom designs, and sticking to QBCC rules. With durable materials and expert installation, our balustrades stand the test of time and look beautiful.

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