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Have you ever thought about the role of a staircase in your home? At Craftsman Stairs, we’ve been creating bespoke staircase solutions for over 20 years. We make staircases that not only look stunning but also enhance the style of homes in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Our staircases stand out for their quality and long-lasting designs. They are more than just staircases; they are statement pieces. Our expert team turns your staircase dreams into reality, combining beauty with functionality. Whether you’re after a traditional look or something modern, our staircases add elegance to your home.

Explore the latest in staircase design with us. We’re leading the way in making staircases that are both functional and visually appealing. In Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, every step tells a story of excellent craftsmanship.

Introduction to Craftsman Stairs: Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Craftsman Stairs loves making stairs that don’t just serve a purpose but also add beauty and value. For over twenty years in Queensland, this family-owned business has shined in making stylish staircases.

About Our Company

Craftsman Stairs is known as a top staircase company in Brisbane. We aim to add elegance and beauty to each project. Our team, including expert stair builders on the Sunshine Coast, blends old skills with new ways. This mix ensures every staircase is perfectly made and fits the client’s needs.

Our Mission and Values

We aim to make staircases that are more than just functional; they’re unique architectural features. Our key values are accuracy, using lasting materials, and achieving great design. We focus on eco-friendly practices and choose sustainable materials. Our project goal is to showcase our dedication to quality and elegance.

Experience and Expertise

Craftsman Stairs has over twenty years of experience and leads in the stair industry in Queensland. Our work in homes and businesses shows our skill. We’re known for reliable, long-lasting staircases that surpass what’s expected.

Types of Staircase Designs Offered

Craftsman Stairs take pride in offering many staircase designs. Our range suits both traditional and modern styles. As custom stair builders in Queensland, we ensure your staircase fits perfectly with your home’s look and needs.

Traditional Wooden Staircases

If you love timeless beauty, our traditional wooden staircases are just right. They’re made from top-quality hardwoods for lasting appeal and strength. In Brisbane, our wooden staircases are a nod to classic design, made with great skill and care.

Modern Staircase Designs

We create modern staircases that mix minimalism with bold new ideas. These staircases use sleek materials for a look that’s both stylish and useful. They add a trendy and refined feel to any space, making them a top pick for those wanting the latest in staircase design.

Spiral Staircases and Their Benefits

Spiral staircases are ideal for saving space while adding style. On the Sunshine Coast, our spiral staircases combine creative design with smart space use. They offer a standout feature that boosts any room’s look. These staircases show off our top-notch design and building skills.

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External & Internal Stair Construction Services

At Craftsman Stairs, we offer top-notch external and internal staircase services. Our team works hard to meet the unique needs of our clients in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. We focus on creating staircases that are long-lasting, functional, and enhance the beauty of your space.

External Staircase Solutions

Our external stair construction Brisbane is known for its quality. With years of experience, we’re the top choice for stylish and durable outdoor stairs. We use materials like treated timber, metal, and composite options to withstand Australia’s tough climate. Every project is designed to blend with your outdoor setting beautifully.

Internal Staircase Solutions

If you want to upgrade your home’s interior, our internal stair solutions Sunshine Coast are unmatched. We offer custom designs that match your home’s style, focusing on safety and functionality. Choose from wood, glass, or metal staircases to be the centerpiece of your home.

Material Selection and Customization

Custom staircase materials and staircase design customization are key to our service. We collaborate with clients to pick the best materials that reflect their style and meet their space’s needs. Whether you love hardwood’s classic look, glass’s modern flair, or metal’s strength, we have what you need. Our customization also includes design details like balustrades, handrails, and finishes to make every staircase unique.

Unique and Customisable Staircase Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

At Craftsman Stairs, we’re all about creating staircases that truly reflect what you love. We’re not just in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast for the view. We’re here to make your staircase dreams a reality. Our team is skilled in turning ordinary staircases into stunning focal points of homes.

Looking for a staircase that says “you”? We’ve got you covered. Our range in the Sunshine Coast is full of choices that aim to make your home interior pop. You get to pick your favourite timber and decide on the coolest balustrades. It’s all about making it yours.

See, revamping a staircase is more than just building work. It’s about fitting your home with a staircase that’s both stylish and useful. We’re here to listen, design, and deliver beyond what you’d hope for. A new staircase can truly change how you feel about your space.

Curved Staircases: Adding Elegance to Your Home

Curved staircases are a remarkable addition, bringing elegance and functionality. At Craftsman Stairs, we’re proud to deliver these staircases in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. They captivate with their beauty and improve how spaces work.

Design and Craftsmanship

Our passion for top-notch staircase craftsmanship is evident in every curved staircase we make. The careful design makes sure each curve fits perfectly with your home’s look. Making it a standout piece of architecture. From start to finish, our team takes care of every detail with precision.

Space and Aesthetic Benefits

Curved staircases offer great space and looks. Their graceful shapes make tight spots look bigger. They become stunning highlights in a home. The curved shape draws the eye, boosting your home’s look.

Popular Materials and Finishes

We offer many materials and finishes for curved staircases, suiting different tastes. Favorites include hardwoods, metals, and glass. Each option has its charm and makes the staircase durable and good-looking. These options ensure your staircase fits perfectly with your home’s style.

Looking to add something new or update what you have? Our curved staircases in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast will meet your high expectations. We combine top materials and craftsmanship to craft staircases that aren’t just for walking but are key design features.

Residential and Commercial Staircase Projects

At Craftsman Stairs, we showcase a wide variety of residential and commercial staircases. Our projects are known for their beauty and practicality. They range from stylish home staircases to efficient commercial ones.

Residential Projects: Enhancing Living Spaces

Our Brisbane residential staircases do more than link floors. They’re key highlights that boost homes’ looks and value. Every design is tailored to brighten and transform your living space.

Commercial Projects: Style and Functionality

Our Sunshine Coast commercial staircases mix looks with use. They ensure workspaces are both eye-catching and functional. This mix improves the workplace’s design and feel.

Case Studies and Examples

Our Queensland case studies show our custom solutions. They prove our knack for meeting diverse client needs. These cases illustrate our excellence and custom design ability.

“Every project by Craftsman Stairs shows our commitment to better living and stylish workplace stairs. They demonstrate our attention to detail and diverse design skills.”

We combine inventive design with solid functionality. This way, our staircases for both homes and businesses exceed expectations. They make a memorable impact on owners and companies.

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The Process: From Consultation to Installation

Our journey with you starts with a detailed chat. We want to know what you’re dreaming of for your staircase. By understanding your wants and needs, we can make a design that fits your style. This care in planning makes sure your new staircase will be a perfect match for your space, whether it’s in a home or a business in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast.

Initial Consultation and Design Planning

We have a good talk during the first meeting. It’s all about getting the feel of what you want in Brisbane. We think about everything. The look of your home, the materials you like, and how to make it all work together. Our goal is to make your staircase fit perfectly into your home.

Fabrication and Customisation

After planning comes the making. In our Sunshine Coast shop, we use the latest tools to craft each part with care. This step is all about getting everything just right, making sure your staircase is one-of-a-kind. We work hard to make the design you want come to life.

Installation and Final Touches

Next, we install your staircase with the highest level of skill. Our team in Queensland focuses on the details to make sure everything is perfect. After installing, we do a final check to make sure it’s all up to our high standards. This process ends with a stunning staircase that looks great, works well, and lasts long.


Q: What types of staircases do you offer in Brisbane & Sunshine Coast?

A: We have many staircase designs such as traditional wooden ones, modern styles, and space-saving spiral staircases. You can customize each design to suit your needs. This ensures a perfect match for any home or business.

Q: How can a bespoke staircase improve my home’s interior design?

A: A bespoke staircase adds beauty and function to your home. It can be a stunning architectural feature. Our Queensland custom stair builders focus on designs that fit your interior décor perfectly.

Q: What materials can I choose from for my staircase?

A: You can pick from materials like timber, metal, and glass for your staircase. We help you choose based on both looks and function. This ensures your staircase is both stylish and durable.

Q: Do you handle both external and internal staircase projects?

A: Yes, we manage both external and internal staircases in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Our solutions last in different climates and look great inside or out.

Q: What is the process for getting a custom staircase designed and installed?

A: The process begins with a detailed consultation and design plan. Then, we precisely create and customize your staircase in our Queensland workshop. Finally, our experts install it, making sure it exceeds your expectations.

Q: Are curved staircases suitable for my home?

A: Curved staircases are great for making a statement at home. They’re beautiful and practical, made from top materials like wood, metal, and glass. They also make your space look better and feel more open.

Q: Can you handle staircase renovations in Brisbane?

A: Yes, we are experts in staircase renovations. We offer custom solutions to match your taste and needs. Our team is here to give your old staircase a new life or design a new one that improves your interiors.

Q: What benefits do spiral staircases offer?

A: Spiral staircases are perfect for small homes because they save space. They offer a stylish and functional way to move between floors. They’re a favorite choice here and in the Sunshine Coast for their unique look.

Q: Can you provide examples of your previous residential and commercial projects?

A: Yes, our portfolio includes many residential and commercial staircase projects in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Our work shows our adaptability and skill, highlighting how we improve living and commercial spaces.

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