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What makes a staircase more than just a way to get from one floor to the next? How can it be a piece of art? These are the questions that we answer every day.

At Craftsman Stairs, we’re not just about steps and rails. We serve Caloundra and the broader Sunshine Coast with amazing staircase designs. Our team mixes functionality with beauty. Whether you want a classic timber style or something modern, we’ve got you covered. We work with different materials to make staircases that catch the eye and last long. As the leading Staircase Company in Caloundra 4551, we’re all about quality. Our Stair Builders Sunshine Coast team can make any design you dream up. And our Timber Stairs Installation service? It shows our commitment to top-notch results.

Expert Staircase Installation and Fabrication

At Craftsman Stairs, we’re all about top-notch staircase services in Queensland. We make sure every project fits what our clients want.

Our Quality Installation Services

We’re proud to offer excellent installation services. Whether it’s big spiral staircase designs or precise indoor stair renovations, we’re on it. We aim to work smart, fast, and without causing you hassle.

Fabrication Techniques and Materials

We use modern methods and strong materials like quality timber and steel. This ensures our custom staircases in Queensland are not just durable but also look great for years.

Internal and External Timber Stairs

Need beautiful inside stairs or sturdy external timber stairs? We cover all sorts of designs to match your taste. Our goal is to create stairs that are not just useful but also add beauty and value to your home.

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Staircase Company Caloundra, 4551

At Craftsman Stairs, we do more than just the usual stair work. We handle outdoor stair construction and make older stairs look new. Our team works closely with clients in Caloundra to update their stairs with the newest styles and materials.

We’re skilled at making outdoor stairs that look great and last long, even in Australia’s tough weather. Our work combines good looks with practicality, making your home safer and more appealing.

We also craft custom stair timber balustrades to add beauty to your stairs. These unique balustrades bring style and safety together, fitting perfectly with your home’s design.

Custom Staircase Designs and Woodturning Services

At Craftsman Stairs, we offer unique design services and special stair woodturning to make your custom staircase stand out. Our skilled artisans focus on every small detail. They create functional and beautiful staircases with handcrafted handrails and solid parts. Each staircase we make is a work of art that’s also safe and sturdy for your home.

We mix traditional woodturning with modern designs to make timeless and stylish staircases. Whether you want a simple straight staircase or a fancy spiral, we make it happen. Our team loves to be creative and handle any design challenge. We’re proud to serve clients in Caloundra and the Sunshine Coast with great results.

Our spiral staircases are a hit for being elegant and great space savers. We use the best materials and design to make your space look better. And we make sure they’re safe and durable, meeting Australian standards. With Craftsman Stairs, you get a staircase that’s both special and long-lasting.


Q: What staircase services do you offer in Caloundra, 4551?

A: At Craftsman Stairs, we offer a wide range of staircase services. This includes design, build, and install services. We’re recognized as a top Staircase Company in Caloundra, 4551, and we’re also staircase builders on the Sunshine Coast. Our work includes timber stairs and customised designs.

Q: Can you create custom staircases for my home in Queensland?

A: Yes, we can! We’re experts in making custom staircases across Queensland. Our design team is here to make your unique staircase dreams a reality. We do it all, from spiral designs to intricate woodturning, making sure it fits your space perfectly.

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Q: Do you offer timber stairs installation?

A: Yes, we do. Our company excels in installing timber stairs. We use top-notch timber and skilled craftsmen to build beautiful, long-lasting staircases. These add value and beauty to your home.

Q: Are your staircase installations compliant with Australian standards?

A: Definitely. All our stair installations meet Australian standards. We focus on safety, durability, and good looks with every project. Your new staircase will be fully functional and up to code.

Q: Do you provide indoor stair renovations?

A: Yes, we offer a broad range of indoor stair renovation services. Our team can update or totally transform your existing staircase, turning your ideas into reality.

Q: Can you construct outdoor stairs?

A: Yes, we’re great at building outdoor stairs. Our constructions are strong and look good, made to last against the weather. We ensure every project is safe and well-designed.

Q: What types of materials do you use for your staircases?

A: We choose materials based on the project, including timber and steel. Our fabrication techniques make our staircases both durable and stylish, for both inside and outside use.

Q: Do you offer stair remodeling services?

A: Yes, we’re experienced in remodeling stairs. We can upgrade your staircase with the latest trends and materials. Our experts will guide and implement the best solutions.

Q: Can you design and install spiral staircases?

A: Yes, we specialize in spiral staircases. Our team crafts beautiful, functional spiral stairs for any space, inside or out.

Q: How can I ensure the safety and sophistication of my staircase?

A: Choose our custom timber components like balustrades, handrails, and more. They not only make your staircase safer but also more elegant. Our components are crafted to boost the overall look and strength.

Q: What is involved in your woodturning services?

A: Our woodturning involves making detailed staircase parts like handrails and balusters. We combine old-school techniques with modern designs. This results in unique, durable staircases that last for years.

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