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Have you thought about how a great staircase can make your home look better? At Craftsman Stairs, we’re experts in making and fitting staircases in Caloundra West, 4551. We offer many staircase styles perfect for the Sunshine Coast. Our team is skilled in creating stairs that are pretty and work well in homes.

We’re known as a top stair builder in Queensland. Our services cover stair renovations and making new ones that meet modern Australian design rules. We focus on doing great work and making sure our customers are happy. This has made us the top pick for both homeowners and builders in Caloundra West and other places.

Custom Staircase Solutions in Caloundra West

We at Craftsman Stairs focus on creating staircases that meet your unique needs. Looking for classic beauty or a modern look? Our Caloundra West custom staircases are perfect for you.

Custom Timber Staircases

Our skill in timber stair construction 4551 stands out. We use local materials to make stunning timber staircases. They’re strong, look great, and match your home’s style perfectly.

Steel and Spiral Staircase Fabrication

We’re also experts in steel stair fabrication Sunshine Coast. Our steel staircases are not just strong; they’re striking features in any space. Looking for a spiral staircase? We’re top spiral staircase suppliers Caloundra, offering stylish designs that save space.

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Internal and External Stair Designs

We’re proud of our ability to design staircases for inside and outside use. Our work boosts the appeal and value of Caloundra West and Sunshine Coast homes. We pay careful attention to ensure your stairs blend perfectly with your home and are safe.

Premium Staircase Installation Services

At Craftsman Stairs, we’re proud to offer top-notch staircase services for Queensland homeowners. Our skilled team works with precision on every step. This ensures a flawless finish from start to end. Our eye for detail makes us industry leaders.

A great staircase adds value to your home, and we know that. That’s why we provide full staircase renovations. Our work updates your stairs and aligns them with modern designs. We focus on expert craftsmanship and fresh designs for top results.

We aim to install your staircase without disrupting your routine. Projects are done on time and within budget. Our consistency in doing this has made us a leading choice in Caloundra West and surrounding areas.


Q: What areas do you serve for staircase installations?

A: We install staircases in Caloundra West, 4551, and the Sunshine Coast. Our team handles residential projects across Queensland.

Q: Do you offer customised staircase designs?

A: Yes, we create custom staircases that match your specific style and needs. You can count on us for timber and steel stairs in 4551 and the Sunshine Coast.

Q: Can you renovate existing staircases?

A: We’re experts at renovating staircases in Queensland. Our renovations make your staircase look modern and stylish.

Q: What types of staircases do you build?

A: We make various staircases, like timber, steel, and spiral. Our designs fit both inside and outside, adding function and style to any area.

Q: Are your materials locally sourced?

A: Yes, we use materials from local suppliers for our timber staircases. This ensures quality and supports local businesses.

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Q: How long does it take to install a new staircase?

A: Installation time varies with each project’s size and complexity. We aim to finish each job quickly, keeping to your schedule and budget.

Q: What is the cost of custom staircase installation?

A: The cost varies based on materials, design, and labour. We give detailed quotes after our first meeting to avoid surprises.

Q: Do you offer consultation services before starting a project?

A: Yes, we consult with you about your needs, design ideas, and budget. This helps us plan properly and ensures a successful project.

Q: How do I maintain my new staircase?

A: Maintenance depends on the staircase material. Timber needs regular polish and clean, while steel might need checks for rust. We’ll give you a maintenance guide when we’re done.

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