Stylish and Safe Staircase Railing Options for Your Home Brisbane & Sunshine Coast 63

Ever thought about how stair railings mix style and safety at home? They can do just that in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast homes.

At Craftsman Stairs, we’re experts in stair building, both outside and inside. We make sure your staircase not only looks good but is safe too. With our 30 years of experience, our team is QBCC approved and licensed. We offer various stylish and safe options, like classic timber or modern glass.

Looking to renovate your staircase in Brisbane or remodel it on the Sunshine Coast? Craftsman Stairs can help. Call us at 0439 730 583 or email at Let’s talk about how we can make your home better with our skills.

Timber Balustrades: A Classic and Timeless Choice

Timber balustrades are a classic choice, known for their natural beauty. They match well with your home’s stair timber. At The Stair Company, we help match the right timber balustrade to enhance your staircase’s look, whether in Brisbane or elsewhere.

Matching Timber Balustrades to Stair Timber

Choosing the right staircase balustrade Brisbane residents love means matching the timber perfectly. Our wide range of timber balustrade design options lets you find the ideal match for your stair timber. This ensures a seamless blend with your decor. We offer everything from rustic Oak to elegant Mahogany. Our handcrafted timber balustrades ensure perfect harmony and a timeless appearance.

Painted Timber Balustrades for a Custom Look

Painted timber balustrades allow for unique customisation. They are especially popular in Hamptons style homes. By choosing the right colours, you can match your home’s decor for a distinct look. Decorative posts add an extra touch of uniqueness.

If you’re looking for indoor stair rails Brisbane residents recommend, or want to try painted options, staircase balustrade Brisbane from The Stair Company is a great choice. We provide a mix of traditional and modern styles, ensuring beauty and elegance.

Modern Glass Balustrades for a Sleek Appearance

Glass balustrades are great for a modern look, offering clear views and a stylish feel. Our options include frameless glass on standoff pins or spigots, perfect for a simple design. They shine in places like the Sunshine Coast, where light and space matter most. Glass stair railings Sunshine Coast give a smooth, refined look in any space.

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Using frameless glass balustrades can make a place feel bigger and brighter. Such modern stair railings are not just pretty but also practical. They improve the flow of light in your home.

Our glass balustrades are sleek and neat, fitting modern tastes well. Check out our products at Craftsman Stairs for the best stair solutions. They enhance your home’s look and use. Contact us to upgrade your home with standout modern features.

Wrought Iron Stair Railings: Embrace Elegance and Strength

Wrought iron stair railings are perfect for those in Brisbane who love elegance and strength. The durability of iron railings means they last a long time, offering safety. They also make your stairs look beautiful, showing off fine craftsmanship.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Railings

Choosing wrought iron stair railings brings many benefits, like lasting for years. They are tough against damage, making them great for both keeping you safe and looking good. Plus, you can get them custom-made, so they fit your home’s style perfectly.

Design Variations in Wrought Iron Stair Railings

Wrought iron is amazing because you can do so much with its design. You can have simple, elegant stairs or ones with detailed ironwork. Craftsman Stairs offers many design choices. This means your railings will not only be useful but also add beauty to your stairs.

Combining Timber and Glass for a Contemporary Touch

Mixing timber and glass is transforming modern staircase designs in Brisbane. This modern staircase mix perfectly matches the class of glass and the warmth of timber. It makes every contemporary living space look better. For those wanting contemporary interior upgrades, this choice is visually striking and useful.

We are great at making timber and glass balustrades Brisbane look stylish while staying strong. The blended material balustrades we offer can be customized. They match personal style and are safe.

Adding glass panels to wooden frames lets more light in, making rooms feel bigger. This innovative staircase design fits many types of homes. It’s perfect for new houses and updating old ones.

At Craftsman Stairs, top quality and great design are what we’re about. Our team focuses on staircases that catch the eye and work well. Choose us for a beautiful mix of timber and glass that brings modern elegance to your home.

Outdoor Stair Railings Sunshine Coast: Durability and Style

Outdoor stair railings on the Sunshine Coast must be tough and good-looking. They need to handle the coastal weather while making your place look better. Choosing the right materials and treatments for outside use is key.

Materials Best Suited for Outdoor Settings

Stainless steel and aluminium are top choices for outdoor stairs. They fight off rust and damage, lasting a long time. Our exterior balustrades match well with modern and old-style homes. They’re perfect for Sunshine Coast outdoor stairs.

Weather-Resistant Coatings and Treatments

To keep outdoor stair railings looking good, weather-proof coatings are essential. Our stair solutions use special coatings to protect against moisture, UV rays, and more. These steps help make sure your stairs stay safe and look great in the tough coastal weather. We focus on safe and lasting outdoor stair options.

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Staircase Railing Brisbane & Sunshine Coast: Custom Designs by Craftsman Stairs

At Craftsman Stairs, we’re proud to craft custom staircase designs that meet our clients’ dreams. With more than 20 years as staircase contractors in Brisbane, our work is both beautiful and strong. Being a family business, we combine top-notch premium staircase craftsmanship with fresh designs. This approach makes sure every project reflects the client’s style and life.

Ever thought about a modern floating stairway? Or maybe a grand, standout piece? Our Brisbane and Sunshine Coast team can make it happen. We specialize in bespoke railing systems, creating stairs that are pretty and practical. They become an eye-catching part of your home. Thanks to our sharp eye for detail, every part, from material choice to installation, is perfect.

Looking for unique stairs from Craftsman Stairs? Ones that show off creativity, quality, and polish? We’re ready to help. Our work speaks for itself, showing what we can do. To talk about your custom staircase designs, call us at 0439 730 583 or email Let’s make your staircase dream come true.


Q: What types of staircase railings do you offer in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast?

A: Craftsman Stairs has a lot of railing types, like timber balustrades, glass, wrought iron, and timber-glass combos. We cater to both inside and outside stairs, focusing on safety and looks.

Q: How do you ensure safety compliance for your staircase constructions?

A: Our team is QBCC approved and sticks to top safety rules. With over 30 years in the business, we’ve been making safe, chic stairs in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Q: What are the benefits of timber balustrades?

A: Timber balustrades give a classic, natural charm. They can be shaped to suit your style, with special posts and rails. Plus, painting them lets you match any home, like those in the Hamptons style.

Q: Are glass balustrades a good choice for modern home designs?

A: Definitely, glass balustrades fit modern homes well. They give a clear view and a modern look. They’re great in open layouts, adding to the light and airy feel.

Q: What makes wrought iron stair railings a strong and elegant choice?

A: Wrought iron railings mix strength with beauty. Their lasting design works in both old and new homes. They’re versatile in style yet remain tough and durable.

Q: Can I combine timber and glass in my staircase railing design?

A: Yes, mixing timber and glass is a loved trend. It merges timber’s classic beauty with glass’s modern edge. This creates a sharp, up-to-date look for any home in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Q: What materials are best suited for outdoor stair railings on the Sunshine Coast?

A: For the Sunshine Coast, stainless steel and aluminium are perfect for outdoor stairs. These materials stand up to the coastal weather, staying strong and good-looking over time.

Q: Do you provide custom-designed staircases?

A: Yes, Craftsman Stairs loves creating custom staircases that fit your dream. Our family business has been bringing top craftsmanship and new designs to homes in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast for over 20 years.

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