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Ever thought about how a staircase can transform your home? At Craftsman Stairs, we’re all about creating custom staircases tailored to your home’s needs in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. Our team picks top-notch materials, making sure your stairs are not only beautiful but also sturdy and safe.

Want a staircase that stands out or blends in perfectly with your home? We have the skills to make your vision come to life. We’re experts in building eye-catching and practical staircases in Queensland. Let us enhance your home with a beautifully designed staircase that boosts its value and beauty.

Understanding the Basics of Staircase Design

Looking into a staircase project in Brisbane requires understanding key design elements. Craftsman Stairs focuses on creating staircases that meet our clients’ diverse needs and preferences. We pay attention to detail from start to finish.

Types of Staircases

Different staircases can change your home’s look and feel. Wooden stairs add timeless beauty, while steel stairs give a modern vibe. Spiral staircases save space. Each style has its advantages and can be customized for your space.

Materials Used in Stair Construction

The materials for your stairs affect their longevity and look. In Brisbane, builders use durable woods like Blackbutt and Jarrah for their beauty. On the Sunshine Coast, steel staircases offer strength and style. Choosing between timber and steel depends on your style, use, and budget.

Key Design Considerations

Designing a staircase involves several important factors. These include your home’s layout, stairs’ purpose, building standards, and your personal taste. Our Brisbane team pays close attention to each aspect. This ensures our staircases serve as beautiful and practical additions to your home.

Benefits of Custom Staircases in Queensland

Custom staircases in Queensland have many perks. They let you design staircases that match your home’s unique look and feel. Whether for homes in Brisbane or businesses on the Sunshine Coast, the choices are wide open.

Tailored to Your Home’s Aesthetic

A custom staircase can fit your home’s style perfectly. This makes your place look unified and inviting. In Queensland, our experts craft staircases that bring your vision to life with great skill.

Maximising Space Efficiency

Custom staircases can be real space savers. We find smart ways to add storage or fit stairs in tight spots. This makes your home look great and work well, using every bit of space wisely.

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Enhancing Property Value

A top-notch staircase does more than just look good. It can also bump up your home’s value. Investing in a unique, high-quality staircase is a wise choice. It makes your home stand out, appealing to buyers and raising its value for good.

External and Internal Stair Construction

At Craftsman Stairs, we specialize in both external and internal stairs. We tailor each staircase to fit Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast’s unique style and weather. Our custom stairs are both useful and beautiful, perfect for any home.

External Stair Design

Designing outdoor stairs requires materials that weather well. External stair builders Brisbane suggest durable woods like Merbau or Spotted Gum. Steel is another great choice for its strength and modern look. These materials are safe, long-lasting, and add beauty to your home.

Internal Stair Design

Indoor stairs blend with your home’s design. We offer everything from classic wood to modern metal stairs. Spiral staircases Queensland are great for saving space. They are stylish and practical, perfect for new homes.

Choosing the Right Materials for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Choosing right materials for stairs is key to their success. We advise on the best materials for your needs. For outdoor stairs, hardwood is preferred for its toughness. Indoor stairs benefit from steel for a modern look. Our stairs are durable and look great in any setting.

Craftsman Stairs: Your Go-To Residential and Commercial Stair Contractors

At Craftsman Stairs, we deliver top-notch stair solutions across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. We’re a family-run business with over 50 years of experience. We focus on unmatched craftsmanship and unique care for every project.

About Craftsman Stairs

Craftsman Stairs is known as the reliable choice for both home and business stair needs in Brisbane. Our commitment to quality and our family values mean every project gets careful attention and detail.

Our Services in Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

We provide a wide variety of services, from crafting balustrades and handrails to installing custom stairs for any space. Our team can handle traditional timber styles or sleek metal designs. We’re skilled at building the perfect staircase for any Sunshine Coast property.

Success Stories and Client Testimonials

Our many success stories and positive client feedback prove our commitment to excellence. We’ve built strong relationships with our clients through dependable service and superior craftsmanship. This is what makes Craftsman Stairs stand out among Brisbane stair builders.

House Stairs Brisbane & Sunshine Coast: What Sets Us Apart

Our house stairs in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast stand out because of our devotion to outstanding craftsmanship. We use only top-notch materials at Craftsman Stairs. You can count on personalized service and thorough attention to detail from us. We’ve been experts in stair-building for over fifty years.

If you want a classic timber staircase for a traditional home or a modern steel one for a business, we’ve got you. Our team crafts solutions just for you. As timber stair builders in Brisbane and steel stair manufacturers on the Sunshine Coast, we prioritize safety and innovative design.

“A staircase should be more than just a way to move between floors; it should be a feature that enhances the charm and value of your property.”

We combine innovative designs with top-quality materials for standout staircases. They’re not just functional, but also distinctive architectural highlights that boost your home’s appeal. Our house stairs in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast show our commitment to making your dreams come true. And they’re built to last beautifully.

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Contact Us for Expert Staircase Installation and Design

Want to improve your place with awesome stairs? At Craftsman Stairs, we’re all about making custom stairs that fit what you need. Whether it’s the sleek look of a steel staircase or classic timber you’re after, we’re here to help bring your ideas to life.

Get in touch with us at 0439 730 583 or for your first step towards an amazing staircase. We give free quotes and advice for getting your staircase sorted in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. We pick top-notch materials like aluminium, glass, hardwood, steel, and timber. This makes sure your new stairs look incredible, last long, and are safe.

We are QBCC approved and have all the right licenses. Trust us to take great care of your stair project. We follow Australian standards for everything from the steps to the sides. Let us make your space stand out with a staircase just for you. Call us to chat about your ideas and kick off a project that boosts your place’s look and value.


Q: What types of staircases do you offer?

A: Craftsman Stairs has many staircase designs. We make traditional wooden stairs, modern steel ones, and spiral staircases to save space. These suit homes and businesses in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Q: What materials are best for stair construction?

A: The material choice impacts the staircase’s look and durability. We prefer hardy woods like Blackbutt and sleek metals for a contemporary feel. It all depends on your design needs and how you’ll use the stairs.

Q: How can I ensure my staircase design meets building standards?

A: Our Craftsman Stairs team knows all about Australian building standards. We consider your home’s design, what the stairs will be used for, and your style. This ensures a legal and good-looking staircase.

Q: What are the benefits of custom staircases?

A: Custom staircases fit your home’s design and your taste. They can make your home look better and even be worth more. These stairs can also save space and store things.

Q: Do you offer both internal and external stair construction?

A: Yes, we build stairs for inside and outside. Outdoor stairs use tough materials like Merbau to last longer. Indoor stairs are made with softer materials and focus on looks.

Q: What makes Craftsman Stairs the go-to residential and commercial stair contractors in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast?

A: With over 50 years of experience, Craftsman Stairs is a trusted family business. We focus on custom stairs and are proud of our work and happy customers.

Q: What sets Craftsman Stairs apart in the competitive market of house stairs in Brisbane & Sunshine Coast?

A: We stand out with our exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality materials. Our service is tailored to each customer. We create safe, beautiful stairs that improve your home’s value and character.

Q: How can I contact Craftsman Stairs for expert staircase installation and design?

A: Call us at 0439 730 583 or email at We’re here to offer free quotes and advice. We work with excellent materials and are QBCC licensed builders you can rely on.

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